Sunday, 13 March 2016

Pictures, family and finding besties...

Hey there fellow bloggers, bored people of all ages!

Yesterday was rather exciting, and action packed! We went form our humble abode, and went around all of the Lincolnshire coast (almost...) taking pictures, drinking tea and even finding a bestie by the sea!

Here is bestie...
The journey started with a drop off in Mablethorpe, for a cup of tea by coral cafe - my first job out of school! It is always a joy to go eat and drink there :)  From there we went to Huttoft and ended in Skegness :)

I took a lot of pictures that I will be putting up for sale on alamy, once I've sorted through all 300...

However, here is a picture of my mum (click here!) and my big sister, enjoyed the cold yet nice day by the sea:

Mum and sister

Now to do the front garden...

If you can't be good, be careful (its why durex exists...)



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