Sunday, 13 March 2016

Pictures, family and finding besties...

Hey there fellow bloggers, bored people of all ages!

Yesterday was rather exciting, and action packed! We went form our humble abode, and went around all of the Lincolnshire coast (almost...) taking pictures, drinking tea and even finding a bestie by the sea!

Here is bestie...
The journey started with a drop off in Mablethorpe, for a cup of tea by coral cafe - my first job out of school! It is always a joy to go eat and drink there :)  From there we went to Huttoft and ended in Skegness :)

I took a lot of pictures that I will be putting up for sale on alamy, once I've sorted through all 300...

However, here is a picture of my mum (click here!) and my big sister, enjoyed the cold yet nice day by the sea:

Mum and sister

Now to do the front garden...

If you can't be good, be careful (its why durex exists...)


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Damn my foot...

Dear bloggers and gentlemen, l33ts of all ages...

I have damaged my foot. My metatarsals to be exact, in my left foot.  My new exercise regime has been halted due to this. But upper body is getting a work, just cant do sit ups, push ups or anything that involve legs!

However, today I went out and took pictures whilst out with my family! (hopefully to sell... who knows eh?)

And here they are (with watermarks! no steal! :P )

I personally quite like them, what do you think?

Now as I write this post, I am looking over some crib sheets from giffgaff on a video I am making for them, working on an essay and script slowly... and most importantly: playing fallout 4! (God damn synths)



Thursday, 25 February 2016

Oscar winning script... update from about 5 minutes ago...

Hello again, so soon....

Its been, what? 10 minutes?

I have finally figured out whats what. The sound of my tutors voice is resounding in my mind... 'write what you know'. I was thinking in a difficult manner, and instead of thinking about what I know, I was thinking over dramatisation.

Update you all in an hour... or more... who knows...


Oscar winning script in process...

Hello all,

Last post I mentioned that I was at university studying TV and Film production. This is the basis of todays PSA.

For my final project, I must make a 23 minute video (I know, precise right?) and for that I must make a script. A script that will get me a good grade for when I make my film... A script that is all script like... Very scripty.... Anyway I have writers block and I film in 2 weeks... God dammit!

Anyway, on a good note: I won a mission on Star Wars commander on my iPad. Score one for the rebellion.... score 50 for procrastination....


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Day 2: Bring on the car, introduction to me and university work

Hello all far and wide!

Second post, I feel like an actual blogger... Does one receive a plaque for the wall, or something? Who knows....

Anyway onto today! Love the weather we have in the glorious town we live in, its rather warm for me. Despite seeing young and old a like walking down the road like Eskimos. Maybe I'm weird? Well, that's probably true. Whilst seeing the mass migration from house to bus to keep warm in the warmth that was already present, my driving instructor arrived to give me my forth lesson. In the space of 4 lessons, I've left the car park, driven on the road and negotiated roundabouts and corners a like (very exciting stuff). And I even got to drive home!

It may help to add, that this present writer is in fact a 22 year old with a new and currently not so busy business of filming and video editing. Its not at all glamorous, like the TV makes it out to be. There is blood, sweat and tears involved, and all literal. You slog your guts out for the highest bidder, and at present there isn't many high bidders, or bidders at all. So you take what you can get, no? But I shall push on wards and get more work!

Talking about work, here is my website... This is totally not, a shameless plug to get business...

Whilst I work for minimum wage and sometimes even lower (glory to self employment, eh?), I also go to university to do TV and Film production. Which is quite fun! I'm in my final year and rather excited/nervous to finish the course...

Anyway, back to essay work since someone stole my editing computer... I swear, sometimes I could murder someone for stealing work spaces...

Signing out and putting my pistol of anger back into the holster.


Monday, 22 February 2016

First post and odd feelings

Hello all, new and only new readers (unless you're looking back in a year from now, then new and old... Let's not get down to specifics)

This is my first post here on blogger and I hope that I can communicate my life to you all, and maybe make some friends on the way? Who knows. Firstly, however, I would like to give a shout out to my mum who is at this blog (click me!), who has given me the blog bug, since she gets me to read her blog to see if it's on fleek (is that what the kids say these days?)

So today, I have taken my first step proper step to loose weight... It's good! For a year and a half, I've played airsoft and looked after, clean, and loved my guns as if I'm an NRA registered hilly billy from the U S of A... Yeehaw!!! 

But today I've started proper, disciplined exercise where I work to a timer and do a set exercise list... This was new to me... It was a weird world of  blood pumping to music, and not being hit with .25 bb pellets whilst yelling the word 'Hit! Stop shooting me you f*ck face, I'm hit! For f*ck sake!' 

Using exercises from darebee, I was ready. First came the inner warrior yoga, didn't feel bad. I felt good, so I took it a step further and did the Monday work out... Start to waiver, but I did not let that stop me! I went to the forum there and found a 'daily dare'. Now, if you are like myself you will find yourself taking any given dare to prove a point (not fun on night outs, but hey ho). 

The dare today was 4 minutes of half jacks (star jumps for us Brits, but without the arms). Managed to do 4 x 1 minute stints with 2 minutes rest between and I was al out crying. What had I done to myself? But then, from nowhere... I felt on top of the world! I am full of energy and ecstasy, I could not believe it! 

Now to finish a brew and check on my no bake breakfast oat bars :) 

Hope you found this a good read and see you next time!